Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How much do the classes cost?

All our classes are ‘ pay as you go’ and are £6 per person per hour.

Do I need to sign up or book the lessons?

No. Just come along and pay as you go.

Do I Need a Partner?

No,just come along and experience the joy of learning to dance.

I Really want to start, but I’ m feeling shy about coming on my own

Don’ t worry. Everyone who has started something new has felt like this. We are all friendly and share a common bond of wanting to learn to dance. You will be made very welcome and feel at home in no time!

What happens if I miss a week or two?

We always go over what we have done and make sure everyone is up to date and comfortable before we move on.

Am I too old?

Most definitely not! There is no age barrier to learning to dance - in fact you will feel fitter and younger

I am a teenager, can I attend the adult classes?

Yes. You will feel very comfortable in all our classes. Many families attend as a fun social event.

What clothes should I wear and what should I wear on my feet?

Most importantly comfy shoes. A small heel for ladies can help. Don’t wear flip flops or very loose shoes as these may come off. Smart casual clothes which give you freedom of movement.

Where can I buy proper dance shoes?

If you continue to dance you may wish to buy dance shoes for the comfort and support they offer. There are many internet sites and we can advise you on these.

Do I need to bring anything?

Only yourself that is all we need!

I’ m not sure what style I want to learn?

All styles (Ballroom and Latin American) are taught in our classes so you will learn them all.

The graceful togetherness of the Ballroom section, and the fun, lively Latin American section.

Most people like them all so come along and try them. You can always specialise in one style later if you wish.

Can you teach me to dance for my wedding or special occasion?

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Tel:- 07713 818 765 (mobile) or 07598 317 062 (mobile)

Yes we can. We can give you a choreographed routine just to suit you and your chosen music.

 Whether it be Bride and Groom / Mother and Son / Father and Daughter ,

It will be special and personal to you. We will work with you.

Please see “Wedding Dance” link for further information.

Do you offer  private lessons?

Yes we do. If you feel that you would benefit from individual tuition away from the bustle of a dance class - these are for you.

If you feel you want to learn more quickly or for a special event, these are for you.

Please see ‘Private Lessons’ link for further information.